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When Should Teens be Allowed to Drive?

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Teaching a teen how to drive when they’re 16 is customary in the United States. Sending them to a Lowell driving school to learn is actually a good thing. But the bigger question is, should you let them drive a car on their own once they have finished the lesson, passed the exam, and get their driver’s license? 

Driving is not a matter of age. One can reach the age of 20 but they still don’t have to confidence to drive a car on their own. Not just because your teen was granted a driver’s license it means that they’re ready to take on the big bad highway. They have to be prepared for what’s outside the well-planned lanes of Lowell auto school grounds.  

On Letting Teens Drive  

The moment that a teenager has passed the driving exam, it means that they now know to control a vehicle. But you still need to help them build up their confidence out on the highway. For a few months or so, supervise their driving. Don’t let them stray out with the car without somebody else in there to watch out for them.  

As the parent, you have to look at driving as a responsibility. The driver is responsible for keeping the vehicle, himself, and all the people and property around him safe while trekking the road. Be honest with your teen why you’re doing that. Otherwise, he or she might think that you don’t trust them with the car and they’ll try to sneak out.  

On Making Teens Responsible Drivers  

Teens will always be teens, so you better set the ground rules when it comes to driving. Allowing them to enroll in a driving school is one thing. Giving them their own car is another. Just because they have their license it means that they are entitled to a car of their own.  

Let your teen borrow your car and observe how he or she takes care of it. Does your teen always follow your rules? Is he or she responsible enough to pay for gas, maintenance, and any other expenses related to his or her use of the car?  

On Known your Teen’s Road Personality  

For some unknown reason, driving a car can transform a person to something he or she is not. If it were your teen, do you know the real reason why he or she wants to drive your car to school? Is it out of necessity or does he just want to show it off to his friends? Is he tired of joining a carpool or does he just want to have a ride to go someplace he wants? These are just some of the questions you need to answer to help you decide if your teenager is ready to venture out with a car of his own.  

Even so, your teenager would have to learn how to drive defensively and safely as he grows older. It’s always advisable to start young, as they will have plenty of time to learn and practice, which will further prepare them for the outside world.  


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