Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space 

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It is true that patio landscaping has a dual mandate. Your outdoor living area must be great and at the same time functional. In this case, privacy, safety, comfort and low maintenance are the four aspects of functionality.  To help you, here are some ideas to improve your outdoor space. 

    Good Things Come in Small Packages 

If not furnished with plants and accessories, patios and decks are rather uninviting.  Plants provide comfort by softening uncompromising lines of hardscape features. The easiest way to incorporate plants into a deck or patio setting is to use container gardens although there are other ways to do it. During the summertime, you can easily grow tropical flowers. 

As plants are capable of hiding many eyesores, the idea of using patio plants can even obviate the costly project of removing an old patio and constructing a new one. Regarding safety, it is not advisable to construct landscaping geared flowers if you are allergic to bee stings because they are bee magnets. 

    Select the Right Tree 

You must pick the appropriate tree for your yard. If you have some problems about tree cutting, you can ask assistance from professionals. It is true that big plants may cause big problems. One thing you definitely have to get right with your patio landscaping is tree selection since trees are the biggest class of landscape plants. 

Choose a tree that will be of intermediate height at maturity if you want a shade tree for your patio. It is not advisable installing trees with aggressive roots systems. To reduce maintenance, choose trees that are relatively clean.  


One way to gain privacy is by erecting fences but you can also achieve it through the use of plant material. Arborvitae bushes help screen out unwanted attention from neighboring houses. Even with just a matter of few plants, the difference is enormous. In patio landscaping, the little things can go a long way. 

    Formal Hedges 

To furnish a modicum of privacy, it is a good idea to add a loose arrangement of arborvitae shrubs. It is easy to become fixated on the two dimensional when mulling over your choices for patio landscaping. You can open up a whole new dimension by including verticality on your designs which can make the outdoor living area much more interesting. 

In a number of ways, the vertical alignment can be introduced. Just as they do on the smaller structures known as “garden arbors”, some homeowners are more interested in growing flowering vines on their pergolas. 

    Use Perennials and Annuals 

To provide a softening touch you can incorporate hardscape structures such as patios bristle with hard edges. It is a good idea to spice up your patio landscaping with annuals. They provide a potent injection of instant color even though they are short lived.  

You must always keep in mind that it is your own outdoor space to enjoy; you must make your own aesthetic decision since you know your own preferences and taste better than anyone. 


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